CfaN Burundi, Africa gospel crusade… part 2


Crowd shot on the last night of the crusade.

This gospel crusade included a three-day fire conference in the morning for all the pastors and church leaders in the surrounding area.  Peter Van Den Berg, the Vice–President of CfaN, and Evangelist Kolenda ministered at it. The leaders were encouraged and equipped to carry on the work of the gospel once the CfaN team left the area. The last day of the conference Evangelist Kolenda prayed for a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit and many leaders and pastors were filled.  It was a powerful conference!  Daniel Kolenda asked my friend, Mica-El Mumba, and I to help him pray and lay hands on the pastors and leaders for a fresh touch from God.  It was an honor to pray for these precious leaders and pastors in this impoverished nation.

Peter Van Den Berg, the Vice–President of CfaN, ministering at the morning Fire Conference
At the morning Fire Conference praying for pastors with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

After the morning fire conferences we had time for lunch and had a short break before we left for the evening service in the late afternoon.  We usually left for the night crusade around 3:30-4:00pm so that we could end the service on time.  There was a curfew in the city because of heightened rebel activity at night.  The President of Burundi offered us his personal security detail to use while we were there.  They followed us wherever we went and looked after us.  We didn’t have any security issues that I was aware of.

Lunch with Daniel & Rebekah Kolenda, Mica-El Mumba, and Peter Van Den Berg

Africans can be very superstitious.  Many of them grow up seeing the power of witchdoctors and have seen the supernatural first hand.  You don’t have to convince them of the supernatural; they already know that it’s a reality.  They are often given charms or amulets from witchdoctors and are told that it will bring them luck, good health, good fortune, and so on.  In reality by wearing these cursed items they are welcoming demonic spirits into their lives.  On the third night of the crusade we had everyone bring their charms and amulets that were prayed over by witchdoctors to the crusade so we could burn them.  There was great rejoicing as the witchcraft items were burned in a flaming barrel.

There was great rejoicing as witchcraft items were burned on the third night of the crusade.

Every night of this four night crusade Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached a crystal clear gospel message.  He gave incredible illustrations that everyone could relate to, and he preached the gospel in power!  Every night of the crusade tens of thousands made a decision to make Jesus Lord.  The first night of the crusade there were 70,000 people present.  The crowd grew to 100,000 on the second night, and swelled to 150,000 on the third night!  People get radically born again- miracles and healings break out and they invite their friends to come and experience what God is doing!  I like what Reinhard Bonnke says, “When you preach the original gospel, you get the original results.”  The last night of the crusade there were 200,000 people present and ready to hear the good news of the gospel.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preaching a clear gospel message the second night of the crusade.
The crowd listening to a clear gospel message

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CfaN Burundi, Africa gospel crusade… part 2